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Hey friends! It’s Mycah here, your go-to photographer and business coach from the heart of Minneapolis. Today, I’m super excited to share something that’s been a game changer for me and can be for you too – my latest freebie, “Unlock Your Ideal Workday”, truly a guide to working smarter, not harder.

Running a business can be a roller coaster of excitement and challenges. But here’s the thing, we all have our unique rhythms and working styles. That’s why I’ve put together this strategic guide to help you discover your ideal workday and week. It’s all about working smarter, not harder and staying inspired and energized.

Identifying Your Working Style

My journey has seen me tweaking how, when, and where I work. Trust me, it’s been a process of trial, and error, and plenty of coffee! But this journey led me to create a life and business I love. And now, I want to help you do the same.

First off, let’s talk about your work style. Are you an early bird or a night owl? Do you thrive in short bursts of productivity or prefer stretching it out over longer periods? Understanding this is crucial to unlocking your productivity. Now, imagine starting your day at a time that feels right for you, taking breaks that truly rejuvenate you, and wrapping up when you’re still feeling good – not burnt out. This guide kicks off by helping you pinpoint when and where you’re at your productive best and encourages you to think deeply about how you want to structure your day, from the time you start to the types of tasks you tackle in the morning versus the afternoon. It’s all about embracing your natural rhythm and creating a work environment that aligns with it, even as we go through different seasons, our energy and focus levels fluctuate.

You will also have exercises about writing out your dream day. This exercise is all about being specific: when do you wake up, how do you start your day, how do you interact with your team or clients, and how many hours do you work? It’s not just an exercise; it’s a roadmap to making your dream day a reality. Try it just once, and you’ll see the difference! The guide will help identify what activities fuel you, what’s neutral, and what’s draining. It’s about making conscious choices to spend more time on tasks that bring joy and fulfillment, and less on those that leave you depleted.

My Journey

In my journey, reshaping my workday and week has been transformative. I’ve shifted when and where I work, and it’s allowed me to build a business that pays me well, work with a fantastic team, and still enjoy plenty of personal time. I’ve traveled, nurtured my home space, and prioritized time with my loved ones – all while running a successful business.

Your Turn to Unlock Your Ideal Workday

So, what does your ideal workday look like? Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach here. It’s all about what works best for YOU. Whether you’re looking to redefine your work-life balance, find more joy in your daily grind, or simply get more done in less time, this guide is your first step.

Need a little extra help? I’m always here for you. Book a one-hour coaching session by clicking HERE. If you want to learn more about my Coaching Collections, visit the website by clicking HERE. Together, let’s unlock your ideal workday!

Let’s Make It Happen

Ready to dive in? Download the “Unlock Your Ideal Workday” guide by simply typing your name and your email address. You can also access the guide from my WEBSITE and start your journey there as well. And remember, your ideal workday is not just a dream – it’s within your reach. Let’s make it happen!

Cheers to working smarter, not harder, and creating a life and business you adore!

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