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Hey, I'm Mycah!

After years of being intrigued by intimate portrait sessions, I finally realized something life changing: women can do this for themselves

The first time I got in front of the camera for an intimate portrait experience, I was nervous. All of my body fears and judgments came rushing to the surface. But because we created a safe space for myself to feel grounded, seen, and comfortable I walked away from that session feeling more confident before I even saw one photo.

I am beautiful

That’s when it hit me:

I know that might not seem like a radical revelation but it IS. I didn’t need to change anything about myself to be beautiful, what this session allowed me to do was reveal my true self. That is beautiful. I am beautiful.

It is my joy to create this experience for other women so YOU can see yourself as the gorgeous person you are. 

Because you are STUNNING, just the way you are.

xo, Mycah


photos of me by the talented Sarah Kathleen

Raves & Reviews

-A, outdoor South Carolina beach session

"What you give people is such a gift! I really don't have words. I love you! Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are beyond talented and your work empowers people."

-H, in home Minneapolis

"I honestly can't believe that's me - I seriously wish I could describe it. I look at myself naked every day... these are going to be a true gem to look back on, Mycah. HOW Special!"

This could be you....

-A, in home Chicago session

"Mycah. They turned out better than I thought possible! I just fell in love with myself and how I look NATURALLY!! I'm absolutely blown away! I feel beautiful and powerful... it's an emotion I didn't think I was going to feel!"

As women, I know it can be hard to believe sometimes. Maybe you don’t like your size or your wrinkles or your stretch marks but I am here to tell you that you are FULLY beautiful.

As you are. Today. Not in the past and not in the

I offer a limited number of Be Lovely and Free Photo Experiences and have in home, outdoor and studio sessions available.

I am SO DANG excited to celebrate YOU!


YOU are beautiful.
Gorgeous inside AND out.

Deciding what to wear to your Be Lovely and Free photo experience doesn’t need to be stressful! My signature look is “effortlessly beautiful,” which, good news for you... probably involves clothes you already have!

A bodysuit, oversized sweater, robe, sleep shirt, cropped tshirt or sweatshirt and high waisted panties ... you get the idea. Some women opt for lingerie, and many clients opt for a set of tasteful nudes. We have time for 2-3 looks (and yes nude counts as a look!) Don’t stress about your clothes... I’ve done entire sessions with just a blanket or bedsheet :)

what to wear

let's DO this

I have been photographing women for a DECADE so don’t stress about the posing... I got you :) We’ll chat about your favorite features and focus on those as we get creative and you embrace your beautiful self!! I’ll shoot a variety of clothed, partially clothed, and if you choose, tasteful nudes with exposed breasts and bums. My firm policy is that no pelvic areas will be visible in any of my work.

If you’ve seen my work and love it, you’ll love your experience!


I'm known for capturing women as they are: naturally beautiful. I will pose you and edit your photos to bring out your most beautiful self. While I will edit your skin to make it look it’s best, I keep any ‘photoshop’ action to a minimum. I will edit out any minor blemishes or skin flaws (so don’t freak out if you wake up on the morning of your shoot with a pimple!) Unless otherwise
requested, I will SLIGHTLY lighten scars, stretch marks, and lines on your face, but I will not remove wrinkles or stretch marks because they are all a part of who you are! My standard editing process is focusing on color, contrast, and slight skin smoothing. Any work of mine you’ve seen, follows this process.


Who sees your photos is up to YOU! Of course, I LOVE when women share their photos with friends and online, however my top priority is to honor whatever you request. Your photos will be delivered on a password protected online gallery. You’ll have the option to say you want no photos shared, only certain photos shared if I ask about them specifically, OR all photos shared. Most ladies get so excited once they see their photos, they give me the go ahead to share away!

Bottom line: I will honor whatever level of privacy you prefer.


Raves & Reviews


"OH. MY. GOSH!!!!! I could cry looking at these they are AMAZING!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! I could not be more grateful for you!"


“Thank you so much for these gorgeous photos! I feel like you captured a part of my character that I haven't seen yet.!”

This could be you....


"Thank you SO much girl! These are GORGEOUS! I love them! You are the best! I love them so much! You made me feel and look beautiful.” 



60 Edited High Resolution Photos
40 page 8by8 Fine Art Album



50 Edited High Resolution Photos
$300 Fine Art Album Credit



40 Edited High Resolution Photos
$200 Fine Art Album Credit



30 Edited High Resolution Photos
$100 Fine Art Album Credit


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A one hour photo experience in the
Be Lovely and Free Studio in South Minneapolis

Next you'll go take an hour to grab coffee or a drink down the street at a cute cafe

When you return to the Be Lovely and Free Studio, I'll have your edited photos ready for you to view, experience and then order a Fine Art Album and Wall Art for your home!

Art and your custom online gallery of your digital images is typically delivered in 2-4 weeks.

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