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Meet Mycah!


Speciality: Owner of Mycah Bain Photography & Photographer!

From Mycah: "I absolutely LOVE all of the photographers on my team! They are all incredible people with wonderful personalities, who are here for YOU.  I am so proud of this team I've built and we can't wait to capture you :) " 

Loves: "When I'm not taking photos, I love traveling the world, spending time outside, designing and decorating my home, living the auntie life, running, yoga, reading, kombucha, trying new delicious foods, and happy hour with my besties."

Rave from a client: "You will not meet a more sincere, kind, engaging and joyful person to work with. Mycah really knows how to make everyone comfortable during your photo experience, which in turn gives you more candid and breathtaking photos."

Meet Anna!


Speciality: Seniors & Weddings!

From Anna: "I am part of the LGBTQ+ community and specialize in that! Connecting with humans is my all time favorite thing. I love traveling and hope to move out West some day!"

Loves: Hiking and nature, dogs, Ireland, cozy nights and ginger (the spice, candied, pickled, all of it!)

Rave from a client:
"Anna is THE most personable and thoughtful photographer. She truly wants to understand you, your partner, your story, and your vision for the day. From there she dives right in and adjusts her style to yours and over delivers. She made us feel so comfortable throughout the process and helped us feel natural in front of the camera which made our photos turn out even better - we totally felt like we could be ourselves. She is passionate and emotionally whole and puts her heart into your day. At one point during our ceremony my sister said she looked over and saw Anna crying, that alone tells me we had the right person for our special day who was invested in us as a couple and her business/work.

Meet Juma!


Speciality: Weddings!

From Juma: "Born and raised in Minnesota! I am an absolute lover of the outdoors but wont turned down an opportunity to stay inside drink a cup of my favorite tea (good earth sweet and spicy). I am currently studying chemical engineering at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities with a minor in Chemistry. Not only do I have a love for photography and capturing people beauty but I also have a huge passion for STEM. I love the possibility of solving an issue from a scientific stand point and helping our earth. Defiantly two MAJORLY different parts of my brain. A fun fact is my absolute favorite color is lavender/lilac! At this point is it a personality trait. I really enjoy immersing myself and learning about cultures different from my own! Through music, food, language, and connecting with people to learn more about different cultures and life styles. On my bucket list ride in a hot air balloon :)

Loves: boba, warm weather, deep talks, nature walks, disney movies with a good sounds track so I can sing along :))

From a client:
"JUMA!!! I CANT EVEN!!! I just looked through my gallery and I have tears in my eyes!! I am in LOVE with the way they turned out!!  I will treasure these photos forever (cuz I look freaking amazing thanks to you)"

photographer since 2015

photographer since 2017


Speciality: Seniors and Families!!

From Allie: "I spent some time in the Netherlands and learned some Dutch that I’m always trying to practice, my partner and I have two cats together, and I work with beautiful antique jewelry which I have a passion for! I am LGBTQ and welcome all people in my space."

Loves: "I love traveling, lavender oatmilk lattes, glass animals(the band), diamonds and jewels, and anything in a forest green color. "

From a client: “Allie is a creative artist and photographer at heart! She was full of great ideas, well versed in her craft and easy to connect with.” 

photographer since 2014

Meet Allie!


Specialty: Weddings!

From Keighla: "First of all I'm Keighla, it sounds like "Kayla" but spelled in a super fun way - thanks Mom and Dad!  My first real camera was a purple Kodak 110 camera. If you want to see some rocking shots of summer camp in 1993 let me know. I was a whiz.  I have a Bachelor's degree in print journalism, and I worked as a newspaper reporter for a few years where I fell in love with photojournalism Also, I. love. coffee. Iced white mocha with sweet cream foam and caramel drizzle or something I whip up at home. 

After my winter wedding in 2013, I totally and absolutely fell in love with weddings.  I met and married the most amazing husband who is supportive, funny, handsome and I just love him. He lets me be a vehicular rockstar when my jam comes on and is the cook in our house. My little girl, Maisy, is the highlight of my day. I will without a doubt tell you about her when we hang out. She’s so fun to parent."

Loves: My family, naps in the sunshine, traveling, being creative, connecting.

From a bride:"Keighla is such an incredible photographer. Not just in her amazing eye for poses, backgrounds, angles, etc, but in the way she makes you feel as she’s leading you through the process. I feel as if she’s a friend I’ve known forever with how comfortable & fun she makes the photo sessions!!"

photographer since 2010

Meet Keighla!


Specialty: Weddings!

From Erin: "I LOVE love. I’ll probably cry at your wedding. I'm laid back and authentic, and respect the uniqueness of each wedding by capturing the real moments and interactions as they happen. I love finding creative lighting to utilize for details to portraits. I’m often found hiding behind a tree, flowers or your bridesmaids shoulder to find a unique perspective." 

Loves: "Being outside, cross stitching, documentaries and experiencing new places."

From a client: ““I can't imagine anyone better to work with for our wedding pics. Erin effortlessly met our vibe and helped us keep everything calm, cool, and moving right along.  Everything was 10/10, can't recommend enough!"

photographer since 2007

Meet Erin!


Speciality: Families! 

From Elizabeth:  "As a mama to two girls, I truly believe everyone deserves fabulous photos of themselves and/ or loved ones.  I recently moved to Minnesota from Los Angeles and I love to travel!  I’ve been to 49 states, was forklift certified in a past life.

Loves: Rock climbing, sunshine, yoga, my family & Oatmeal Cream Pies.

From a client: "Elizabeth was super friendly and took her time with the kiddos. Made us feel at ease."

photographer since 2019

Meet Elizabeth!


Specialty: Families! 

From Sarah: "I think that life is all about people. Making them feel valued and loving them the best I know how. With photography, I found the honor or making people feel beautiful.  Spending time connecting with people I normally wouldn't get the chance to is easily the best part of all of this. Even though life isn't ever perfect, getting to look back at a time in your life through photos reminds you of the beauty that the experience held." 

Loves: "Watching movies with friends, going on ice cream dates, shopping for anything, my sleep, and connecting with people to know their hearts."

From a client: “Thank you so much for everything Sarah! it was literally my dream photo shoot. it was so fun to get to know you more and chase sunsets and get ice cream! you’re amazing!"

photographer since 2022

Meet Sarah!

photographer since 2010

Then I hit this really Pivotal moment where i wanted to give up, but i didn't. I kept going. i kept doing the thing.

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I am always traveling! 

35 countries and counting

I've traveled to ALL 50 states!

2023 Travel!

January - Los Angeles
                  - New York City

February - San Francisco

March - Big Island, Hawaii

April - Tulum, Mexico

Many more in the works!


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"Mycah is absolutely amazing! She is super bubbly, kind, and encouraging, and made us feel so comfortable!

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raves and reviews


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