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In over a dozen years of running my photography business, I have created a business I love and, more importantly, a LIFE I love.  

With just a couple thousand Instagram followers, I relaunched my business and life at 31. I've created a business where I pay myself six figures, have a team of 10 incredible women, and take 2-3 months off each year. I schedule personal time FIRST and then work.

I have the freedom to travel the world, like when I took my mom to Italy to taste all the delicious pasta and soak in the smells of every gelato shop. I've created a home I adore, filled with plants, cozy blankets, and beautiful art from around the world on the walls, where the door is always open.

My work brings me joy with incredible clients who value my work, AND I am able to prioritize time snuggling my nieces and nephews and swinging on the patio with friends,

I'm grateful to live the life I dreamed of and be generous with my success. I want to help YOU create a business that supports your dream life!

I am SO excited about the potential for you and YOUR business. I love walking alongside other creatives and business owners and sharing my business successes (and failures). I am here for you. 

Let's get started! Check out my coaching collections offers and find one that works best for you.  Let's GO!!

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One on One Workshop

up to 4 Hours, in person mentor sessions in minneapolis
these are my personal favorite because we have lots of time to really dive in.
we can discuss anything and everything! PLUS we'll have time to create some updated branding photos for you, as a bonus :)


Two Hour
Video Call

we can discuss anything and everything!
we will have time to focus in on a couple of topics


One Hour
Video Call

we can discuss anything and everything!
we will have time to focus in on one or two topics


Coaching Collections

I am here to support you building and growing the business you want, so you can live the LIFE you want.  My clients are creative entrepreneurs (bloggers, photographers, event planners, social media influencers etc) who are motivated and ready to work! Depending on the collection you choose, we will have time to discuss whatever you'd like, including but not limited to the following:

-growing a profitable business
-client connection and interaction
-pricing and knowing your worth
-sustainable systems
-goal setting
-instagram and social media
-destination photography
-editing and workflow
-portfolio review
-posing and directing

2750 per quarter

Custom Mentor Sessions Available Anywhere in the World

Ongoing Coaching

one hour video calls, 2 times a month, for 3 months
ideal for ongoing mentorship, growth and accountability
ongoing voxer communication


Raves & Reviews

Emily Wisch, HOU, ATX & NYC Photographer @wischyouwerehere

"Working with Mycah has given me so much clarity both in long term and short term projects I’m creating and has helped me become a more confident photographer/business owner.

Her feedback and opinion on projects is invaluable and I love being able to checkin and ask questions using the Marco Polo video app. On our weekly 30 minute calls we set goals and develop a strategy for how to get task items done and I’m able to check in with her throughout the week if I have any questions.

By far one of the best investments I’ve made in my business!"

Tia B.

Working with Mycah Bain Photography was the best experience!!!! I got to learn so much from her AND have fun! 


“Mycah has an impressive coaching approach, it is perfectly balanced in practical advice and a focus on mindset and motivation. She skillfully guided me through identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs while equipping me with invaluable tools and strategies to optimize my business operations.”

"Mycah is a gift and is truly someone you want to know."

Lexi B.

“Mycah is a super brilliant and driven business owner. I’ve had several coaching conversations with Mycah where she helped me understand the value I bring to my own business and how to appropriately price various packages I can offer to potential clients. Because of this, she gave me not only confidence, but also the tools I needed to lock down some of my biggest contracts yet!” 


"Mycah is AMAZING!!!! I believe that her work speaks for itself. She’s got such a humble spirit and is very easy to work with!"


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