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Each stage in life is unique and beautiful. What would it look like to celebrate your family in each season? To have your children look at the walls of your home and see themselves how you see them?  

Our favorite family sessions are simple and playful... capturing you all interact as a family.  It could be playing in a river, in a field or in your home.

We are here to capture all as you are... simply beautiful.

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Raves & Reviews

Kelli, repeat client since 2014

“Omg just got the photos, MYCAH you have OUTDONE

These are so incredible thank you for capturing such a special time in our lives so beautifully!!!!

You are the actual best!!”

Erin, repeat client since 2013

“Oh, Mycah! I spent all day trying to figure out what to say because I love them THAT much! I knew you would make magic from our chaos and you definitely did!

These are going to be framed all over our new house. I’m so in love! Thanks for capturing magic every year since 2013.”

This could be you....

Katie, repeat client since 2011

“Oh my gosh.




meet Mycah!

Let's capture YOUR beautiful family!


Growing up as the oldest of 6 kids, I have always loved family photos. I love the chaos and the personalities and capturing life as it When families play and interact, when the kids run around...when you as parents are able to look into each other's’ eyes, and remember how it all started. I want your family photos to be about more than a pretty photo... I want it to be an experience.

photographer since 2014


Speciality: Seniors, Grads and Families!!

From Allie: "I spent some time in the Netherlands and learned some Dutch that I’m always trying to practice, my partner and I have two cats together, and I work with beautiful antique jewelry which I have a passion for! I am LGBTQ and welcome all people in my space."

Loves: "I love traveling, lavender oatmilk lattes, glass animals(the band), diamonds and jewels, and anything in a forest green color. "

From a client: “Allie is a creative artist and photographer at heart! She was full of great ideas, well versed in her craft and easy to connect with.” 

meet Allie!

"Mycah is an incredibly talented photographer and makes being in front of the camera fun and comfortable. Her photos are stunning! Every experience with her is always enjoyable and I always love her work so much. Her photos are framed all over our house!"

Taylor & Tyler

Parents Share Their Best Tips on How to Prepare

Parent Hacks

"Be ready to LOVE your photos when they show up in your inbox. Mycah catches each kid in their element and I have countless treasured images she’s taken in the most wild of circumstances that I will have and cherish for always."

Erin's Advice

"There will be chaotic moments, there will be tears, there might even be tantrums. Walking into it trusting your photographer is huge. Mycah has been taking our photos every year for 10 years now and even in the most chaotic scenes with our 3 boys, she ALWAYS captures gold! Even more so, she captures the chaos in the best way so we can look back and smile remembering the hard but also the joy in this season of life. Trusting Mycah’s vision and talent has taken all the stress out of our family photos and we walk into a session now just ready to laugh and enjoy each other. It’s truly magical."
"We are not above bribes. Bring those special gummies or favorite little treats. It gets those smiles going every time."
"Have your kids wear comfy clothes and have them wear their clothes beforehand so you can eliminate day-of clothing battles."

Natalie's Advice

"You know all of those sweet perfect family photos that you poured over while planning your family’s outfits, looks, locations? Take a deep breath. Let it go. Because those families? They’re not your family. And after all this planning and coordinating, you don’t want a photographer to capture someone else’s family. You deserve to have this moment of your family captured.

Even if your 6 year old has declared they’re “allergic to smiling” or 2 year old won’t go anywhere without their stuffed stingray that they call “Shark”, trust that these memories are the ones you want to look back on. Because these are the pieces that make your family unequivocally yours."

Hallie's Advice

“Go in with the mindset of what’s most important- let’s capture the love between us, not the straight on smile. That’s just a bonus some years. Those will come with age, but capturing the reality of your season is more priceless and cherished over time. I’ve found over time the less expectations I have going in, the more relaxed I am, the better it goes."

Last shoot I tried noticing the days prior how we play and love our kids in the small moments at home … Winston loves running/hiding/directive games, Lou loves being touched and tickled, Estelle always bats her eyes when we pause to watch her demonstrate her latest ballet rendition. If you enter the time thinking about how you can replicate loving them the way you do at home, it helps authentic smiles run free.”

Kellie's Advice

“Getting that perfect holiday card photo might not be feasible with your kids and how crazy they are. I would say talk about it a lot with your kids, telling them they are going to have to smile … maybe practice with them ahead of time. Bribe them (with a treat or a fun activity). Try to have fun with it and feed your kids before so they aren’t hangry. Trust that Mycah knows what she’s doing and is still going to get the shot and capture authentic pictures of your family. No need to be stressed… Mycah’s got it!”


Do I get to choose my location?

 YES! Once you book, we'll send a gallery of some of my favorite options you can choose from OR if you have ideas, we would love to hear them!

Do you have albums and canvases available?

 YES we have STUNNING Fine Art Prints and canvases available which are not only the perfect way to enjoy art in your home, but also make incredible gifts for parents, grandparents and relatives. 

How do we prepare?

The best thing you can do to prepare is remember YOU are amazing. Pick something you love and feel confident wearing. Maybe a fun dress, jeans and a cute top, something a bit more classic, or something fun. A little extra attention to hair and make up (or even getting it professionally done) is super fun! Don’t forget your nails...either as an excuse for a manicure, or keep them simple.

What if it rains?

We typically wait until the day of the shoot to make the final call because often the weather turns around! But if it IS rainy or stormy, we reserve one day per week as a backup rain plan and we always make it work :)

How do I prepare my children?

For your children, something comfortable and fun is great. Coordinating as a family is lovely but no need to be matchy matchy. If your little ones are really little, a change of clothes (or 2!) just in case, is a good idea. Bringing a blanket to sit on, toys or books for your little kids, or even treats as bribes are all great options. 

Some places to consider shopping: Zara, Target (quincey mae), H&M, Baby gap, Ivy City Co, Kate Quinn, Jamie Kay, Elestory, Simple Folk, Cotton on, Riley and Crew :)

No matter what, take a deep breath, get excited, get some sleep the night before and come ready to hang out and feel amazing, because you and your family ARE amazing!

A Blanket

Please bring a neutral colored blanket for some sitting photos :)


Feel free to bring toys or books and treats as bribes!

other tips and tricks

An Extra Person

If your children are young, it is a game changer to invite your nanny or a family member or friend to join to help with your kids. Also, if you invite someone else to come help, that also allows me to take a few photos of just you two as a couple :)

Your Dog

If you do choose to bring your dog for a few photos, please have a friend or family join to take your puppy elsewhere after 15 minutes or so. I have found this works best and
reduces stress for you during your photo shoot and allows for you to have the best experience and best photos possible!

with Mycah

DIAMOND with Mycah

1 Hour Photo Session
75 High Resolution Edited Photos
First 20 pages of a 8by8 Fine Art Album


GOLD with Mycah

Up to 1 Hour Photo Session
60 High Resolution Edited Photos
$200 Fine Art Album Credit


SILVER with Mycah

Up to 1 Hour Photo Session
45 High Resolution Edited Photos


BRONZE with Mycah

Up to 1 Hour Photo Session
30 High Resolution Edited Photos


**Most Popular**

Team Collections

GOLD with the TEAM

Up to 1 Hour Photo Session
45 Edited High Resolution Photos
Delivered on a Custom Online Gallery in 2-4 weeks


SILVER with the TEAM

Up to 1 Hour Photo Session
30 High Resolution Edited Photos


**Most Popular**

BRONZE with the TEAM

20-25 Minute Photo Session
15 High Resolution Edited Photos
limited availability


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