How to Prepare for Your Senior Photo Session

How to Prepare for Your Senior Photo Session
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Your senior photo session is a special milestone, and we want to make sure you feel confident and look your best. Here’s a guide on how to prepare for your senior photo session with Mycah Bain Photography and Team, ensuring you have an amazing experience and beautiful photos to cherish.


Pick outfits you love and feel confident wearing. Depending on which collection you choose, we have time for multiple outfits! Some great places to shop for dresses, pants, and fun tops include Free People, Aritzia, Urban Outfitters, and Princess Polly. Start shopping early to allow time for shipping and adjustments.

For a more formal look, consider button-ups, polos, or suits from Bonobos, Topman, Johnnie-O, or Nordstrom. Flowing dresses are perfect for fields and forest locations—neutrals and other fun colors work well (avoid neons and greens in the woods). For city or lake locations, jeans and a cute white top are great. Test your outfits for comfort, especially if you plan to sit.

Make sure your clothes fit properly and get them tailored if needed. Avoid using clips or hair ties to hold clothes in place as they limit posing options and won’t be edited out of photos. Plan your bra accordingly so straps are not visible. Iron or steam your clothes and transport them to keep them fresh. Please avoid clothes with stains and distracting text or graphics.

Hair and Skin

Professional hair and makeup aren’t required but can make a huge difference. Show up looking your best—use makeup to cover blemishes, dark circles, and any bug bites or scratches. Depending on humidity, prepare your hair accordingly. For curly hair, use products to avoid frizz, and if straightening, use products thoroughly.

Use sunscreen leading up to your shoot to avoid tan lines, or get a natural-looking spray tan. Plan your clothes to cover any tan lines, or use makeup to conceal them. Don’t forget your nails—either get a manicure or keep them simple.

Driving and Parking

When preparing for your senior photo session, it’s crucial to think about logistics, especially driving and parking. Minneapolis can get quite busy, especially during the summer months when construction is in full swing, and events are happening all over the city. This means that parking can sometimes be a challenge. Therefore, it’s a good idea to leave extra time to find a parking spot near your photo shoot location. This will help ensure you’re not stressed or rushing to your session.

Always read surrounding signs to check for parking rules and fees. Some locations have strict enforcement, and the last thing we want is for you to get a parking ticket. If you have trouble finding a spot, consider using a parking app or checking nearby parking garages for availability.

Busy locations can mean crowded streets and potential delays, so plan for that when scheduling your arrival time. If your shoot is at a popular park or downtown area, it might be worth arriving a little earlier to scout out the best parking options. It’s also wise to bring your valuables with you. Have a friend or family member who joins you carry your things to keep them safe while you’re in front of the camera. This way, you can focus on having fun and getting great shots without worrying about your belongings.


Posing is key to great senior photos, so think about your poses ahead of time. We’ll guide you through a variety of poses during the session, but we love it when you bring your ideas. Check out Pinterest for inspiration and create a mood board with your favorites.

Consider how you want to interact with your environment. Casual poses work well in parks or gardens, while a confident stance is perfect for urban settings. Practice your poses in front of a mirror to see how they’ll look in photos.

Bring any props or accessories that are meaningful to you, like a musical instrument or sports gear. You could also bring your PETS!! The more relaxed and natural you feel, the better your photos will turn out. Let us know if you have specific poses in mind—we love incorporating your personality into the session!

Have Fun at the Session

Most people invite a parent (or a sibling or friend) to join, which can be great to have another person to help you relax, smile naturally, and carry your things! You know your dynamics best…and please don’t spend your shoot bickering or nitpicking (I only mention it because we’ve seen it!)

We always love grabbing a quick photo of the parent or friend who joins in on the photo shoot 🙂 Please note, if you want family photos, that is available as an add-on! Get excited, get some sleep the night before, and come ready to hang out and feel amazing. You’re going to rock this!

Remember, how to prepare for your senior photo session is all about planning and bringing your best self. We can’t wait to capture this milestone with you!

If you are considering booking your Senior Photos with us, send your inquiries to our website, and give us a day to respond. We are SO SO excited to capture this precious moment in your lives.

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