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Things to Do and See in Santa Barbara
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Hey there! I’m eager to share this blog about some things to do and see in Santa Barbara. Recently, I traded the bustling streets of Minneapolis for the sun-kissed charm of Santa Barbara, CA, to capture some magical moments for my clients and to squeeze in some quality time with friends. And let me tell you, Santa Barbara has been a dream! From breathtaking views (hello, Instagram gold) to a paradise for taste buds, and all the chill vibes you can soak up, let’s dive into what makes this place a slice of heaven (in no particular order!)

Things to Do and See in Santa Barbara

The Lark: A Total Feast for the Senses

Picture a warm evening at The Lark, surrounded by laughter and the clinking of glasses, with plates so artfully presented they deserve their own photoshoot. This gem is perfect for those looking to indulge in divine dining. The menu, featuring local and seasonal ingredients, is nothing short of a culinary masterpiece.

Los Agaves Mexican Restaurant: A Vibrant Mexican Haven

At Los Agaves, the vibrant atmosphere and delicious scents transport you straight to Mexico. It’s a must-visit for anyone who craves authentic Mexican cuisine, blending traditional flavors with innovative twists. Trust me, the mole here is a revelation.

Backyard Bowls: To Start Your Day Right

For the health-conscious, Backyard Bowls is a dream. Kickstart your day with a bowl brimming with freshness and flavor. It’s the kind of meal that fuels not just your body but your soul for the adventures ahead.

Butterfly Beach: Serene and Stunning Views

Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbara

After indulging in the local eats, a visit to Butterfly Beach is a must. It offers a serene setting for soaking up the sun or enjoying a breathtaking sunset. And for someone who’s always stopping to smell flowers and admire plants, this place is a slice of paradise.

McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams: The Sweet Escape

A trip to McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream is the perfect way to cool down. Their flavors are bold and creamy, making every scoop a delightful experience. A little joy in the form of ice cream? Count me in.

Super Cucas Restaurant: Authentic Eats and Laid-back Vibes

For a dose of genuine Mexican food in a relaxed setting, Super Cucas Restaurant hits the spot. It’s the ideal place for a casual outing with friends or to satisfy those late-night taco cravings. Santa Barbara casual at its best.

Dune Coffee: More Than Just A Coffee Shop

Dune Coffee is where your day should start. It’s not just about the coffee (which is fantastic, by the way) but about the community and conversations that happen over a rich brew. The ambiance? Cozy enough to make you linger longer.

Deep Sea Tasting Room: Sip and Savor

Ending the day at the Deep Sea Tasting Room is like the cherry on top. Wine tasting with an ocean view is an experience in itself, one that’s enhanced by the delicious wines and the stunning panorama.

Explore Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has been a tapestry of experiences. I’ve been here photographing some incredible clients and hanging out with my dear friend Sarah Weaver, a dynamo in the real estate world. Our adventures in Santa Barbara, just like our recent hike in Patagonia with Invested Adventures, have been filled with laughter, discovery, and moments of pure bliss.

And let’s not forget Jerry, the artist behind the exquisite pottery in my home. If you’ve been to my house, we’ve probably enjoyed a meal served on his creations. Having bought art from him for over 15 years, his work is a testament to the beauty that surrounds us, always reminding me to stop and appreciate life.

Santa Barbara, with its endless charm and vibrancy, has captured a piece of my heart. Whether it’s the food, the views, or the laid-back vibes, it’s a place that offers something special for everyone. Here’s to always stopping to smell the flowers, admiring the plants, and appreciating the beautiful moments life has to offer.

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