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Ellie at the Docks by Edina Senior Photographer
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Hey there, lovely folks! It’s me Mycah, your Edina Senior Photographer. Today, I’m super excited to share with you the dreamy senior photo session I had with the wonderful Ellie, a high school senior from Edina High School. This session was nothing short of magical, and I can’t wait to walk you through our sun-kissed adventure!

Ellie's Senior Photos by Edina Senior Photographer

Pastel Pink and Vivid Reds at Wayzata Docks

Our journey began at the picturesque Wayzata Docks. Ellie, with her radiant smile and bubbly personality, was the perfect subject for this serene backdrop. Her first outfit, a sleeveless pastel pink top paired with crisp white jeans and sandals, was absolutely on point for the lakeside setting. As she strolled along the docks, her laughter mingled with the gentle lap of waves, creating a scene straight out of a dream.

But wait, there’s more! Ellie then slipped into a stunning bright red-orange dress that truly made her stand out against the tranquil blue of the lake. The way the dress flowed as she moved was mesmerizing, capturing the essence of youthful elegance and joy.

A Floral Wonderland

As the golden hour approached, we shifted our setting to a lush flower garden. Here, Ellie donned a flowy white dress, a perfect match for the floral paradise around us. The soft glow of the setting sun enveloped her in a warm embrace, highlighting her natural beauty and the sheer happiness that radiated from her. Each click of the camera captured not just her external beauty, but the vibrant spirit that she embodies.

Ellie's Senior Photos by Edina Senior Photographer
Ellie's Senior Photos by Edina Senior Photographer

I’m Mycah, your Edina Senior Photographer! Let’s Create Your Dream Senior Photo Session Together!

This photo session with Ellie wasn’t just about taking pictures; it was about capturing the essence of a significant moment in her life. Her joy, her anticipation for the future, her vibrant personality – all frozen in time through these images.

Now, it’s your turn! Are you ready to have a senior photo session that reflects your unique personality and style? My team and I at Mycah Bain Photography are here to make that happen. We believe in creating a fun, relaxed environment where you can truly shine. Visit our website to explore our senior photo collections OR email us at and let’s start planning your perfect session. Let’s capture the beauty of this moment in your life and create memories that you’ll treasure forever. Can’t wait to meet you and create some magic together!

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