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Hey there! Mycah here, your go-to photographer and business coach from the heart of Minneapolis. The other day, I had the absolute joy of hopping on a podcast episode with none other than the fabulous Eden Strader, for her show “That’s My Personal Business.”. This is the second part of the blog post I published a week ago about the said podcast and here I talk more about some helpful tips for managing money.

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The Magic of CIT and Managing Money

So, right off the bat, we got into some real talk about money (yes, that green stuff!). I shared a cool little hack about using CIT. It’s so smooth; I just transfer between my main bank account and CIT. Think of it as your high savings account’s best friend. Transfer in, transfer out. Super simple. And honestly? It feels like a breezy dance between two accounts – the high-yield savings and the everyday use. Just a heads up, I’m no accountant, so always do your own research. But, transferring funds and managing savings? Game changer.

The Power of Community

Seriously, get yourself a team or even just a buddy. Having a supportive community is everything. My brother, kind of my unofficial financial advisor, introduced me to this. It’s been a breath of fresh air having people around me who get the hustle. There’s so much strength in having a tribe who can suggest, “Maybe try this?” or “Consider this?” It makes decision-making a less lonely journey. Having someone to bounce off ideas, or just to get a second opinion is priceless! Just like having a second shooter on a hectic wedding day. 😉 You’ve got this, but it’s okay to ask for a little help.

The Money Talk

Remember the times when you’d whisper about finances like it’s some secret potion? No more! It’s 2023 and talking about money shouldn’t be taboo. We all need it, we all use it. Heck, I even revamped my business and life at 31, and now I’m living the dream. Let’s normalize talking about money, investments, and financial dreams. Opportunities are everywhere, but sometimes, we need to lift the veil and get real about our financial aspirations. Six figures, a team of 10 amazing women, and those sweet, sweet 2-3 month-long vacays! The point? Talk about it, learn about it, and let’s normalize money talks.

Tips for Managing Money and Some Hacks!

Aside from finding a knowledgeable tax person in your area, credit cards can be very useful! They’re not the enemy if you use them right. I’m a card lover. And I mean credit cards. From my trusty Delta Amex to my ever-reliable Chase Sapphire. These bad boys have given me more in return than I could’ve ever imagined. Pro tip? If you’re going to spend, why not earn at the same time? Rewards, flights, and those little perks make it all worthwhile. But remember to always, always play it safe.

Ready for Financial Freedom?

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The Wrap Up

There’s so much more we touched upon in this insightful conversation with Eden. From personal life hacks to business tips, the chat was a delightful blend of experiences and insights. To everyone reading this, remember that your journey is uniquely yours. Embrace every up and down, cherish every lesson, and always, ALWAYS stay authentically you. I’ve built a life and business I adore, and I’m here cheering for you to do the same!

So, if you’re looking for someone to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments – whether it’s your wedding day, an intimate elopement, or just a fun family photoshoot – me and my stellar team of photographers are here for you. To inquire, visit our website HERE, or feel free to send an inquiry to our business email

And hey, if you’re diving into the creative industry and need some pro-tips, especially in photography, or just a guiding hand with your business financials, let’s chat! Book a coaching call with me. Let’s make magic together and take your business to the next level. Ready to collaborate? Head over to my coaching page HERE to learn more about the collections I currently offer and if you’re planning to inquire. Click HERE for my Amazon storefront.

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