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Hey there, lovely people! When I recently sat down with the ever-inspiring Eden Strader who invited me to be a guest in her “That’s My Personal Business” podcast, I was humbled and thrilled to dive into the journey of my 13-year photography and coaching adventure. So, grab your favorite latte (or, if you’re like me, a cozy blanket), and let’s dive into some real talk about managing business expenses, and living the dream.

We kicked things off by talking about my journey, from the moment I picked up my first camera to the hustle that got me here today. Having run Mycah Bain Photography for over a dozen years, I’ve not just built a business but crafted a life that sparks joy every single day.

We giggled about the early days when, despite having only a few thousand Instagram followers, I decided to relaunch everything at 31. Yeah, it sounds crazy, right? But that leap was SO worth it. Today, I lead a fantastic team of 10 remarkable women. We’re not just about capturing memories; we’re about creating them.

From College to the World of Weddings

Starting out, I was that fresh-faced college student bitten by the travel bug. Exploring places, tasting exotic dishes, and being a wanderlust soul made me fall in love with the art of capturing moments. It wasn’t long before I realized that photography wasn’t just a hobby; it was a passion that beckoned me to turn it into a business.

In 2011, I got introducted to the world of wedding videography. With an exuberant energy, my then-partner and I began our adventure into the lucrative yet demanding wedding industry. We both held other jobs (hello, barista life at 4 AM!) and were fiercely adamant about not getting into debt for our business. But let me tell you, the hustle was REAL, and every caffeine-infused morning was a lesson learned.

In managing both the creative and business aspects, it’s no secret that striking a balance can be tricky. But here’s the thing – passion drives me. I revealed some of my go-to strategies, like scheduling personal time FIRST and then work. When you’re in love with what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. Plus, who could resist snuggling with nieces and nephews or enjoying patio time with friends?

We then dove deep into the nitty-gritty of the business world. Having faced my fair share of highs and lows, I’ve learned a thing or two about managing finances, the importance of mentorship, and the real magic behind the camera (hint: it’s not just about the lens). It was a blast sharing tips and tricks tailored for the creative industry, especially for photographers like me and you.

The Californian Days and the Money Talks

Living in sunny Santa Barbara, California, felt like a dream, especially with its luxurious wedding market. We were navigating the tides, trying to ensure quality over quantity, and making sure that our brand resonated with luxury and art.

Money. It’s a taboo topic, isn’t it? But friend, here’s the deal – I believe when women handle their finances with wisdom and purpose, the world becomes a better place. Everyone wins. We were charging premium rates, yes, but every dollar had its purpose. It wasn’t just about earning; it was about genuine, heartfelt management.

Taking that Big Leap to Minneapolis

Now, Minneapolis is close to my heart. And when the opportunity came knocking, I knew it was time to pack up and move closer to family. It was a bold step, given that we were thriving in California. But here’s the secret: sometimes, you’ve gotta listen to your heart, even if it’s singing a different tune than your mind. While relocating, we discovered a golden ticket: Southwest Airlines’ companion pass. For two years, we jetted around, saving a whopping $28,000. Sweet, right? AHHH those times.

A Passion that Transforms

From starting with four jobs, hopping from one coffee shop to another, to building a six-figure business, this journey has been nothing short of magical. With every sunrise I capture through my lens and every business owner I coach, I’m reminded of the beauty of living life on your terms.

Today, nestled in my plant-filled home, surrounded by art, taking trips every now and then, and swinging on patios with loved ones, I’m living the life I once dreamed of. And if there’s one thing I’d love for you to take away from this, it’s that dreams do come true when passion meets perseverance.

So, here’s to chasing dreams, capturing moments, and creating a business that not only fills our pockets but also our souls.

Listen to our full podcast episode here (for Spotify, and for Apple).

Managing Business Expenses with Mycah Bain

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So, Are You Ready to Chase YOUR Dreams?

Whether it’s capturing the magic of your wedding day, those precious family moments, or even those dreamy engagement shoots, me and my team are here to turn your dreams into reality. And hey, if you’re a budding photographer or an established one seeking guidance, let’s hop on a coaching call. Dive deep into managing your business financials, level up your creative portfolios, and unravel the secrets of being a productive creative by crafting an ideal workday, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

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