Cultural Wedding in Minneapolis | Tara and Sachin Day 1

Cultural wedding in minneapolis
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Immersing ourselves in the heart of Minneapolis, amid the swirl of colors, traditions, and emotions, our team indeed had the incredible opportunity to document the enchanting 3-day wedding of Tara and Sachin. The first day of this cultural extravaganza was an ode to tradition – the mesmerizing Mehendi ceremony. The air was filled with excitement and anticipation for the celebration that lay ahead as the sun dipped below the horizon,

Cultural Wedding in Minneapolis

Located in the picturesque Golden Valley, Minnesota, the Mehendi ceremony unfolded in all its splendor. This pre-wedding ritual is a beloved tradition where the bride is adorned with intricate red-orange mehendi designs on her palms, hands, and feet. The vivid hues and delicate patterns symbolize love, joy, and the coming together of two families.

Our lead photographer, Anna, and the talented second shooter, Savannah, were at the forefront of this visual spectacle. With an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, without a doubt, they expertly captured every moment. It weaved a narrative that would be cherished for generations to come.

The family portraits from the first day were indeed a testament to the unbridled joy and happiness that the families of Tara and Sachin felt. The emotions were palpable as laughter, tears of joy, and heartfelt embraces painted a vivid picture of the love that surrounded this union.

Wedding Vendors

Behind the scenes, an incredible team of vendors played a pivotal role in bringing the Mehendi ceremony to life. Firstly, Brynna Heiser’s skillful makeup artistry accentuated the bride’s natural beauty. Meanwhile, Kahani Events transformed the venue into a kaleidoscope of colors with their exquisite decorations. The tantalizing aroma of Indian delicacies from India Palace wafted through the air. It sure indeed has tantalized taste buds and enhanced the sensory experience.

A highlight of the day was the gifted Mehndi artist, Hajira. She meticulously crafted the intricate patterns on the bride’s hands and feet. Without a doubt, her artistry added an extra layer of cultural richness to the event.

As the day gave way to night, the camera lens continued to capture fleeting moments of pure connection and emotion. The images captured by our team, Anna and Savannah, will forever indeed serve as a time capsule. They help preserve the authenticity and joy of this cultural wedding in Minneapolis. Stay tuned for more glimpses into this extraordinary celebration of love, family, and heritage.

Your Wedding Photos!

Our lovely team had an amazing time photographing the cultural wedding of Tara and Sachin. Ready to make your wedding moments last a lifetime? Whether it’s a cultural extravaganza or an intimate affair, our team is dedicated to telling your story through the art of photography. So, book us now to ensure that your special day is captured with the same passion and creativity that brought Tara and Sachin’s wedding to life. Let’s create memories together!

To inquire, visit our WEBSITE, or send us an email or your inquiries at We are so excited to be part of your wedding day and photograph the lovely moments. We would love to make it happen!

Tara and Sachin’s Wedding Vendors for the First Day

Mycah Bain
Owner of Mycah Bain Photography

Lead Photographer

Second Shooter

Brynna Heiser
Makeup Artist

Kahani Events

India Palace
Food Catering

Mehndi artist

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