4 Compelling Reasons to Consider a First Look on Your Wedding Day

Photo of Samantha and Cody during their wedding day
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Hey there, lovebirds! Planning your big day is an exhilarating journey filled with countless decisions. As a Minneapolis wedding photographer with a passion for capturing magical moments, I’m here to share some valuable insights with you. Today, we’re diving into the wonderful world of the first look and exploring why it’s a trend that more couples are embracing. So grab your partner’s hand and let’s discover four compelling reasons to consider a first look on your wedding day!

Photo of the groom and the bride getting ready for their first look during their wedding day.

1. More Time for the Two of You

Firstly, your wedding day is a whirlwind of emotions, and it can sometimes feel like time is slipping through your fingers. By opting for a first look, you gift yourselves precious moments to savor each other’s presence before the excitement begins. Imagine standing together, hand in hand, in a private and intimate setting, sharing heartfelt words and tender embraces. It’s truly an opportunity to connect, calm your nerves, and create memories that will forever be etched in your hearts.

2. Capturing Couple Photos Pre-Ceremony

We all know how nerve-wracking it can be to wait for the ceremony to end before capturing those essential couple portraits. By choosing a first look, you’ll have the chance to get all those stunning photos done before the ceremony even begins. Just imagine the joy of having more time to explore picturesque Minneapolis locations and pose for unforgettable shots without the constraints of time ticking away. Plus, it ensures you both look fresh and radiant, adding an extra touch of magic to your images.

3. Attend Your Own Cocktail Hour

Your wedding day is without a doubt, a celebration of your love, and you should be present to enjoy every moment. Opting for a first look allows you to complete your couple and bridal party portraits before the ceremony, giving you the opportunity to attend your own cocktail hour. You can mingle with your loved ones, sip on signature cocktails, and relish the delectable hors d’oeuvres. It’s a chance to soak up the atmosphere, greet your guests, and bask in the love and well wishes surrounding you.

4. Embrace and Savor Your Wedding Day

And finally, your wedding day culminates months, if not years, of planning and anticipation. It’s essential to make the most of every second, immersing yourselves fully in the magic of the day. A first look allows you to enter your ceremony with a sense of calm and ease, already having shared intimate moments and created memories together. By experiencing the day as a team, you can be fully present and soak up the love, happiness, and beauty surrounding you.

Photo of the bride and groom having their First Look out Schram Vineyards.

Thoughts about having a First Look on Wedding Day?

In the vibrant city of Minneapolis, the first look is indeed becoming an increasingly popular choice for couples tying the knot. With more time together, capturing exquisite couple portraits beforehand, attending your own cocktail hour, and embracing the joy of your wedding day, it’s no wonder why this trend is taking center stage. As a Minneapolis wedding photographer, I can’t stress enough the value of a first look and the unforgettable moments it creates. So, dear couples, consider stepping into this enchanting tradition and gift yourselves the opportunity to treasure every aspect of your wedding day.

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So what are your thoughts about having a first look on your wedding day? We would want to know your thoughts about it. Comment down below!

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